march comes in like a lion...

Life's a-changing 'round these parts. That's all I can share for now.

A friend and I are working on a television series idea we think is simply brilliant. Others may not agree, but I guarantee none of these others would be teachers or people who love and understand teachers. Teachers world-wide will high five us until their hands bleed. It's not a series we could market to NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. But we could maybe start a YouTube channel. Or see if Netflix or Hulu might be interested.

And that's all I can say about it, or I'd have to kill you.

My writing course was extended to April due to the Polar Vortex. I submitted one personal essay that was eviscerated (eviscerated!). After I'd licked my wounds and re-read it harshly and with no sympathy, I saw what they were saying. Great God, it sucks to realize you aren't, after all, as brilliant as you thought when you were typing at 2 o'clock in the morning. But it's helpful and good to have someone tell you that.

I'm starting to realize/recognize I suck at titles. Currently, I'm working on a short story about a boy named Nathan who wants to commit suicide and then meets someone and changes his mind...I have no idea what to call it. Right now, it's titled "Leaving Neverland," simply because at one point, Nathan remembers a 4th grade teacher reading PETER PAN to the class and loving the part when Peter says "To die would be an awfully big adventure..." But that's not really the essence of the piece. Where is the essence of the piece? This is hard for me. Essence is elusive.

 I have one week left until Spring Break. After that, six weeks until Summer Break. I am starting back on my running regimen again (to balance my increasing wine intake), and I plan to be a veritable writing fool between June 2014 and July 2014. I say this going into every summer (about being a writing fool), but it's different when you have someone else depending on you), and so I'm determined.

I shall not be climbing any fences between now and August. FYI.

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