I was raised in the Southeastern portion of the USA, by Yankees from the Northeastern portion. We were the 20th century version of carpetbaggers, but I prefer: Southern Yankees.

Generally, I don't buy into Astrology, but if you read things about Pisces women online? That's pretty much me. I'm most definitely an INFP. And I love cupcakes. A whole hella lot. (That has nothing to do with Pisces or INFP. I just wanted you to know: I enjoy cupcakes. It's the perfect amount of cake. In a cup. The icing is the best part. I always save it for last.)

I started this blog as a way to work out my issues about writing and not writing. Because I am not good at writing every day...well, I write every day. I just don't write things that traditional publishers might be interested in publishing. Every day. (I'm here, is what I'm saying. I'm supposed to be working on a novel or an outline or a short story, but I usually end up here. To write about not writing.)

When not avoiding it, I write short stories, creative non-fiction essays, and long ramble-y blog entries that lack focus. 

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