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I've been writing about the show DIG (which currently airs on USA Network on Thursdays at 10 PM (EST) and 9 PM (CST) and a bunch of other times as you head west). It all started because one of my favorite actors, Jason Isaacs, was getting flak from some anti-Israel groups in the Summer of 2014, and after one really personal attack I witnessed online, I made him a Promise that I'd promote his show, to whoever I could reach. Just because...I like to thwart dickheadism.

And then the show started. And I realized: oh, HELLO! This show is amazingly outstanding. The writing--omg, don't get me started on the writing. We'll be here forever as I spurt orgasmic spewings of geek writer fangirldom about it. Just know: this is a really, incredibly smart show, written by really, incredibly smart people. To watch this show, you have to watch each episode more than once because there are sub-plots within the overall story arc: YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION.

Also, the show is about things that just personally fascinate me (religions, culture, language, history, ancient things) so I started diving into some background research about things the show features, or I think will be important to its story.

So I've divided the posts up, and if you are interested in reading my thoughts about the episodes (and don't mind some stream of conscious, off topic rambles here and there), I've organized them here. And if you're interested in research-y stuff to things the show is connected to (and don't mind flippant, less than academic side commentaries from somebody who uses humor as a defense mechanism), I've organized those here as well.

(in the beginning, there was a promise, and the LORD was pleased...)
(i got a little miffed with Jason Isaacs, but he's one of my storyteller heroes and so we're all good now.)
(the night before the night of)
(it was so! exciting! and I got my picture on Emma's bulletin board collage!)



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