swim whispering.

Do you need a little magic in your life right now? Have you always wanted to witness a minor miracle? Then I present to you (drum roll.......)

Miss M, the Mermaid (who says she actually identifies as Dolphin, even though she doesn't have any letter d's in her name). 

(Click the pic to see the video...before you do, please envision in your mind this same small child one week ago: clinging to the sides of pools, hanging out on the steps where it's safest. Unable to walk into 3 feet of water which she towered above at 4 feet tall, because she lacked courage and conviction and the knowledge your body has floating powers. Screaming like someone (i.e., me, her mother) was trying to murder her if I even attempted to hold her out in 3 feet of water. This was a PHO. BEE. UH., my friends. I'm talking: the mother of all phobias. And now? Just click the link. Click it! Click it!!)

 Conquering fear.

In a total of 2 hours, Melissa's swim instructor taught her to stick her face in the water, jump off the side of a pool AND a diving board, and swim from one side of a pool to another. IN THE DEEP END. I have referred to her in the past as the Swim Nazi, but now, forevermore, she is simply The Swim Whisperer. (If you're in Georgia for a week and need someone to help you or a loved one get over YOUR swim phobia, get in touch with me. She doesn't advertise--you have to just KNOW some people. Like The Godfather, only no cement blocks tied to your feet.)

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