this is called lazy blogging.

Or, actually, I prefer: lazy Sunday writing. Like a drive through the country, but you don't leave your house.

So I saw this picture on the Internet. It posed a fascinating (I felt) question. I like the "what would you do?" kinds of questions. I pose them to 2nd graders every now and then, and the responses are always interesting. They kind of clue you in on the inner workings of someone's soul. Or what someone would like you to think of their soul. Also, I'm an armchair psychiatrist and like to pick people apart. These questions always help feed that.

At any rate, I put a short version of this up at my personal (private) Facebook page, my writer (public) Facebook page, and on Twitter (where nobody listens to anybody). So I'm going to post the picture here, and this link will take you to my writer (public) facebook page where I give my answer to the query: Which one would you pick? And also, I will link to my twitter page below that, just for fun, in case anybody is listening (they aren't).

And then YOU can ponder your own answer, and if you'd like you can share it with me. Or go write a song about it. Or a screenplay. Or a short story or the beginnings of a novel. Or a poem. Or just share it with your friends, for insight into their souls. And, later, we'll build a fire and roast marshmallows and sing Kumbayah and wrap the world in light and pray for peace and harmony and the age of Aquarius to come. Okay? Okay! GO!

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