infp = me.

Warning: this entry is full of navel gazing (which, coincidentally, is something INFPs are super good at.)

Also, I go back to work tomorrow, so this blog will be back on its weekend update status.

Right now I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed. I wish I could tell you by what, but then I'd be using you as my personal therapist, and I don't think you come here for that...or do you? Because I mean...no! What am I doing? No, I'm sorry, no. Let's just leave it at that. I'm overwhelmed. One day I won't be. Or I will be, but by different things. (For the record, I don't think being overwhelmed is a bad thing, necessarily. It just depends on what it is that's overwhelming you. Right now, my things are pretty suckage-inducing. But not unfixable...I just need some courage, is all.)

Hey--do you know about Myers-Briggs? The personality type gurus? Every time I take one of their quizzes, I come out as INFP. I'll see things about INFPs on the Internet and go: yup, that's me. Here are some images and links I found to give you the entire lowdown on everything you could possibly need to know and understand Amy. (INFPs = we really just want to be understood. And liked. But mostly understood.)

In Harry Potter terms, I'm Luna Lovegood. I'm also in good company with other INFPs like Louis C.K. (one of my favorite humans), JRR Tolkien, Virginia Woolf, AA Milne, JK Rowling, John Lennon, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Shakespeare (how do they KNOW this? Myers and Briggs weren't even around when he was), Edgar Allen Poe, and George Orwell. I think that sounds like a really fabulous dinner party.

INFP PROBLEMS (all of them are true for me except for #20...forget to eat? Never!)

Here are some issues I generally tend to have (this time in images):

Overwhelmed. See? And terribly, easily distracted.

If it doesn't get on paper, it ceases to exist.

I submit this blog as evidence.


Oh yes.

Reason #1 why I hate the phone.

If I could just write instead of talk, I'm certain I'd be running a large Fortune 500 company by now.

 And here's a (for me) timely quote by fellow INFP-ian Jim Morrison of The Doors:

Just be you. I would love to be able to just be me, at least 6 out of 7 days of the week.

And one more! For a bit of uplifting in case this was too downer for the end of your weekend. I got followed on Twitter by author Matt Haig, and I'm so glad he did because he seems like a really wonderful human being. I hope he writes a million bestsellers and goes on to unparalleled literary status in the world of books and writing. He comes up with stuff like this:

I quite agree. Books have stories, and stories connect us, and connections matter quite a lot.

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