dark side of the moon.

Hiya Internet. Sooo, I'm better now. My dark nights of the soul are lifting. I'm here to formally apologize for the angry diatribes I've been leaving here in this blog. I know I don't HAVE to apologize. I know I have at least one friend who will probably read this and go: But Amy, I told you all the feelings are normal, and you have a right to feel them all and not apologize for it. I know this. I know this.

But listen: Seriously. I'm typically a calm and normal and happy person. Not too many things ruffle my feathers unless I figure out something on that one list I listed is going on. Or I get behind or in front of a really bad driver. Or I have to sit and listen to a Tea Party Conservative talk. Or a Jehovah's Witness shows up at my door. But other than that? I'm a cool, calm, happy little dove 98% of the time as long as I'm not about to start my ladies' days. 

I don't often dive deep and dwell in the murky depths; when I do it's for about 24 hours and then I come back up to the sunlight zone and frolick with the dolphins once more. 

But lands. Y'all. Last week was a doozy. Shit happened. And then brooding commenced. And when brooding commenced, incidents were examined. Actions were considered. Thoughts were weighed. Soul was examined. Reflection in mirror was stared at. Hard conversations were had. And when that happens for an extended amount of time, that's just the Amy you get. Welcome to her.

At any rate. If she comes back out again, we'll just call her Emo Beat Poet Amy. Okay? Emo Beat Poet Amy is an existential questioning drama addicted weirdo. Just let her rant and get it out of her system; she'll eventually subside into the shadows with her little bottles of booze and all her outwardly directed rage because of her inward little pretty pretty princess insecurities. 

We've all got a dark side of the moon, is what I'm saying. 

Fortunately, I have some good friends. I know forgiving people; I am a forgiving person. I cannot stress enough how imperative it is to have a support network of some kind. And wine. And coffee for the next day. And maybe some Nutella on toast. 

Right now, for instance, I have coffee and Nutella on toast, while I'm looking at an empty bottle of wine on my kitchen countertop. 

And I do. Every single time.

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