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Hi, Internet! Are you interested in some more geekified Holy Land Research Reports? I would like to apologize for my last research post. What a frickin' mess, and I know it. I got waylaid on Thursday, way beyond the time I thought I'd be waylaid, and then only had about an hour to fix what I could before DIG (on USA!) aired Thursday (at 10PM/9Central). Episode #6 was called "The Well of Souls," and I was CERTAIN there'd be dead people in it so I wanted to get it published before airtime. (The focus wasn't really on dead people at all--except one dead person did get found alive!). In other words, I wasn't able to connect the dots in that entry as well as I wanted to, and more than that, the part that's driving my perfectionist OCD writer persona absolutely effing nuts? I couldn't hone it. And now it's out there, and I'm too busy to fix it.

Not my finest, but maybe this one will be better?

So on Thursday the Order of Moriah was introduced on DIGonUSA. At first I googled "Order of Mariah," and only got a bunch of stuff about Mariah Carey silencing Nick Cannon with a gag order--divorce is hard, girlfriend...divorce is hard. Then I figured out my misspelling and got the real stuff. Here's some background on the name/word Moriah:

The word Moriah means "Chosen by God," but it's also connected to the term "Divine Wind," and THAT'S connected to the Apocalypse and God's angelic war. Moriah is also the ancient name for where the Dome of the Rock now stands, the spot Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac until God told Abraham, "Ha! J/K, dude--here, sacrifice this ram instead." It's also the spot where the Prophet Mohammed supposedly ascended into Heaven on a horse. When I talk about the Temple Mount some more in my next geeky research-y post, I'll talk about ley lines and Axis Mundi, which have something to do (I bet) with what the nefarious group is planning on the show. But basically, Mt. Moriah (aka Temple Mount) is an Axis Mundi, a portal between Earth and Heaven, and more than that, it's our planet's finest, PREMIERE mystic portal. It's the one spot God likes to communicate to mere humans most, and it's why Mohammed was able to magically go up to Heaven from that spot and also why God chose THAT spot to send Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Because God knew He'd be able to stop him just in time by talking to Abraham--but through an angel. (God has voice mail--did you know?)

In addition to that, many different religions have a name for that angel who spoke to/stopped Abraham, and that name varies. Lots of ancient religious texts call the angel "Metatron," but a more familiar name might be Enoch, from the book of 3 Enoch, an apocryphal book of the Old Testament...also known by the titles: "The Book of Palaces," "The Book of Rabbi Ishmael the High Priest," and "The Revelation of Metatron." Rabbi Ishmael was a High Priest of the 2nd Temple, by the way. The Book of Enoch is chockablock full of angelic stories. Enoch was the 7th son of the patriarchs, the son of Jared and Noah's great-grandfather. The Babylonians revered him as a great astronomer and the inventor of astrology. He is said to have created a subterranean temple beneath Mt. Moriah (the Temple Mount) and he also (supposedly) created a gold triangle encrusted with precious stones and metals, on which he carved God's true name. Enoch's subterranean temple is located beneath the Well of Souls, and it contains information on the creation of the Earth as well as all the Arts and Sciences. Right before Enoch's death, he gathered all his sons about him and commanded them to always worship the one true God, and then ascended into Heaven to become an angel. While there, he receives all the mystical secrets behind how God created the Universe. There's also mention of a hostile angel named Azazel, which in all 3 major world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) is the fallen angel (YOU know who I'm talking about, don't you?)

At any rate, Enoch is the master angel of the element Wind, and he's also the boss of all the other wind and windstorm angels (as a side note, I hate windstorms--it's connected to the Wizard of Oz, and if you remind me sometime I'll tell you all about it). In fact, there's a claim that, within some academic biblical circles, the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran were actually an amalgamation of two rival priestly schools: The Enochic and the Zadokite. The Enochic school studied astronomy/astrology (the sun, the moon, the stars...). There's something, in Masonic literature, about the Delta of Enoch--it has to do with the latitude of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, that you place a wand or some kind of marker in the shadow of the rising sun on the summer solstic (St. John's Day for Freemason's), and something will happen. It's also notable that the Essene community at Qumran would pray toward the rising sun in the Temple.

So. Now that you know all of THAT, also know that Enoch is connected to The Order of Moriah, because they're connected to The Illuminati, and The Illuminati is connected to the Freemasons, and in the Freemasons, Enoch is (supposedly, since it's a secret society) a critical figure in many of their texts and rituals.

The thing about Enoch (for Moriah/Freemason/Illuminati conspiracy theorists) is that conspiracy theorists claim the Freemasons and The Illuminati have taken Enoch and connected him in their rituals, and those rituals are to Lilith, the worship of Great Horned Owl (aka Molech, aka the Devil), as well as the ritual sacrifice of children. The Order of Moriah (aka the Illuminati) wants to use all of these rituals, the theorists claim, as part of how they're going to establish a New World Order.

I actually have a special connection to The Order of Moriah. My special connection to The Order of Moriah is that the men on the patriarchal side of my family were all members of the Freemasons. Currently, my brother, who is not a member of the Freemasons and has thus totally broken their diabolical hold over us, has all my father's Freemason stuff--rings, lapel pins, books, etc. He's not allowed to use any of it because if he runs into a Freemason and they ask him their mysterious questions and try to do their secret handshake on him and he has no idea? He will be in TROUBLE. (I think they take him to a deep cave in the woods and beat the crap out of him...or maybe just enslave him at one of their Masonic Lodges.)

At any rate, groups like Order of the Moriah, The Illuminati, the Freemasons, etc., are all about rituals I can tell you from personal knowledge. My father was not a regular at Freemason events or rituals, but he did often haunt Masonic Lodges in whichever area we were in (specifically, my father haunted their bar areas).

However, when he died, some strangers showed up at his funeral. They were Freemasons, and they needed to perform a secret ritual before we could lay him in the ground. So we all had to leave the room where my dad's body was, the Freemason guys closed and locked the doors, and they were in there with my dad for about 10-15 minutes.

When they came out, they just got in their cars and left. They were nice, but didn't really speak to any of us. I have no idea who they were, and they didn't know my dad, but they knew my dad was a Freemason. (Someone probably contacted them--I'm sure I could ask my people up in the Pocono Mountains and they'd tell me who they were--maybe.)

When I went back into the room, my dad had stuff laying on his chest: a soft white piece of lambskin, a sprig of some plant, some sort of passage, possibly a coin. My memory's fuzzy because of the tremendous pain from grief and mourning. I specifically remember the plant sprig and the lambskin. Freemasons. Secret. Shrouded in mystery. Connected to The Order of Moriah. (I hope revealing to everyone their special dead body ritual doesn't land me in a Masonic sacrificial rite or anything.)

Now let's talk about The Illuminati-slash-The Order of Moriah specifically. Here's the brief historically-accepted background:

The Illuminati started in Bavaria, in the 1700s by a man named Adam Weishaupt. He was appointed to the top of a University there, a position that had traditionally gone to Jesuit priests. This didn't go over well. Then, Adam got made a Dean and it REALLY didn't go over well. He was constantly fighting with the priests and hated their politics. So he started an order, a secret order, called The Order of Illuminati that was comprised of men who agreed with him politically. Later, the order grew and grew, a lot of their recruiting from the Freemasons, growing their ranks into thousands of members. And when you have like 1,000+ members, it's hard to keep a secret. In addition, other people started splinter groups of their own, and that got on the Bavarian government's nerves so bad, they made it illegal to form or be a member of ANY type of secret group, and if you were found out they'd execute you (as governments are wont to do). Eventually, Adam Weishaupt died in exhile and the Secret Order of The Illuminati disbanded and was never heard from again THE END.

But! There are other people (mostly not historians) who will tell you that story is A LIE! An Illuminati-planted LIE! These people will tell you Weishaupt was merely a lackey for The (true) Illuminati, which has been around since, like, Homo Sapiens took over. Some of them will also tell you that the origin of people connected to The Illuminati is from an lizard-like alien race coming to Earth to mate with its humans long ago. And that members of The Illuminati (and splinter groups connected to them like the Freemasons) are actually devil worshippers, witches, and wizards--practitioners of Black Magic. (I swear to you: my father NEVER worshipped Beelzebub; just Budweiser.)

They'll tell you The (true) Illuminati, basically, cause chaos and destruction all the time, and it's so they can start a New World Order, in which they will own everything--EVERYTHING: banks, the news media, governments, sports, entertainment, fashion, religion. (This sounds JUST like a battle between Satellite and Landline Internet/Cable/Phone Companies.)

These theorists claim are many groups, people, and other secret societies connected to the New World Order/Illuminati: Ordo Templi Orientis, Illuminati Order, Orden Illuminati, Skull & Bones (George W. Bush is a member) ,the Bilderberger Group, the Rockefellers, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Fabian Society, Booker T. Washington, the Mormons, the Catholics, the DuPonts, the Rothschild Group, the United Nations, the Democrats/Republicans (USA), Labour/UKIP/Conservatives (UK)...probably even the Girl and Boy Scouts, though they haven't gone THAT far (yet).  Theorists claim these groups are all just fronts for The Illuminati, that people who run or founded the groups are/were Illuminati.

In addition, theorists believe there are 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati. If you are descended from any of the following families: the Astors, Kennedys, DuPonts, Collins, Onassis, Reynolds, the Lis, Russells, Rockefellers, Van Duyn, Freeman, Rothschild, or the Bundys? Your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents mated with alien lizards and were devil worshippers. Sorry. (And if you AREN'T related to those bloodlines, don't get too confident; there are other family bloodlines that interconnect to the Big Thirteen, the McDonalds, the Krupps, and the Disneys being three examples.) (Happiest Place on Earth? Maybe....or just a front for the New World Order.)

In addition, certain people really believe members of the government are Illuminati-connected. And, if the Freemasons ARE a branch of Illuminati, then I suppose they'd be right. George Washington, Ben Franklin? Freemasons. In fact, almost all of the USA's presidents have been connected to the Masons. And Freemason symbols adorn our US currency, and the dude tapped to design Washington, D.C. was a Freemason, so basically Washington D.C. is one big ol' Freemason symbol. (Which I guess makes America part of the conspiracy to own the world...not like we haven't gotten a good start on it by building a McDonald's and Starbucks in every country. Coca-Cola, too. And of course spreading our devil rock-n-roll music and tasteless obsession with fame and fortune.) (I could go on.)

Other people theorists claim are Illuminati:

All of Hollywood (if you work in Hollywood--did you know? You're Illuminati), John Wayne (?!), Michael Jordan, Al Gore (and thus, the entire Internet I suppose, since he created it), Warren Buffet, George Bushes I & II, Barack Obama (stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Tea Party), The 1% (you know, all the Rich Guys Who Run The World), Hitler. But also: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z & Beyonce, Lebron James, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber (it explains SO! MUCH!). I was most saddened to learn Lady Gaga is Illuminati. I mean, I can SEE it. I just...well, she did sing Poker Face, which I bet is about not letting anybody know what your real agenda is. And she wore that meat dress. Yeah, Lady Gaga's totally Order of Moriah. I can see her carving the DIG key symbol onto herself.

The information out there is actually very frightening--there are REAL people who REALLY believe this shit, that this is happening. You guys! There are people who believe King Solomon started it by bringing a hexagram into worship. They believe the founders of the USA were Satanic occultists--Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington (all Freemasons). They believe the world's major religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, along with the less populated religions, are all just fronts for Satan. They are very serious about this, and they believe there will be a big huge fight about it one day. Unlike Armageddonists, they think aliens will be involved, but still.

Which is why it's important to the story line in the show DIG. Of course there are top government officials involved--Ambassador Ruth Ridell is probably Illuminati, hell bent on New World Order. Ted Billingham, too. I don't know about Rabbi Lev yet; the Jewish group may just really really really want to build Temple 3 and bring forth the Messiah. (Apparently, there was a Jewish group that tried to get a loan from an Israeli Bank to build Temple 3) (they were turned down).

So. That's about it. How are you doing out there? I had tons more I could've and really wanted to share, but I didn't want to explode anybody's brain. For sure, mine almost did.  (Every time I go on these research scavenger hunts I think: Holy crap, these DIG on USA writers! This must have consumed them! So. Intense. and SO much information!)

And above and beyond all that, for THIS research project? I think the one thing I came away with, particularly in regards to some of the information I located on the Internet about The Illuminati and the Freemasons: Other human beings are so freaking, abso-bloody-fucking-lutely frightening, are they not?

Let's all of us nice, normal people band together and go find a nice, big, comfy cave to live in. (Maybe not beneath the Well of Souls.)

(EDIT UPDATE: Way up in the beginning when I first posted this, I accidentally typed that God told Moses to sacrifice Isaac. Oops, sorry Moses! God actually parted some water for him. And made up a bunch of rules for Moses to give to the Children of Israel. Moses was never, ever asked to sacrifice any kids. Apologies to Moses and God.)

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