angsty wishes.

My credit card situation is dire - I just took a look at it. Will put it away for another (emergency only) day, and live within my means. (Or until I can pay it down enough to start feeling like Daddy Warbucks again.)

I have to go set up my classroom. It is time again. And, because I can't emotionally bear to deal with that right now, I went to clean up my computer files. And look at what I found! A poem. From a time I must have been feeling poetic. Apparently, the last time I was feeling poetic was 2008, since that's when I copyrighted it.

And so this is all I'm sharing today: a poem I wrote a long while ago. (Listen to me: I promise you'd rather read this than anything else I'd write today because anything else I'd write today would be either full of depressive angst about having to go back to work full-time on someone else's strict schedule next week, or it would be full of anxious angst about how fast I can drive up a credit card balance.) 

I'll be back with something meatier when I'm less angst-y.

Starry Dreams by Adarhi

Beggar's Wish

Between stories of dragons and knights,
Gnomes and elves, sleeping girls, castles of glass,
I learned of beggars' wishes, those
Most wistful to be horses.
I learned how to dream out loud on
Stars glittering high in steamy night skies.
I learned that were I a beggar,
And could my wishes be horses,
I would ask all that glitters for Arabians and Thoroughbreds and the most Untameable of Wild Mustangs
To gallop away on a thousand dreams
Through forests of Heaven, across beaches of Galaxies,
Where we’d lie on miles of white sands
Crushed from stars, ground from ages of cobalt crashing skies.
I’d wish for you, your body on mine, your breath in my soul.
I would wish for endless summer nights,
Swirling hot skies painted with dark blue inks,
Sparkling wishes from the deepest dreams.
I'd wish for gnomes and elves, sleeping girls in
Glass castles, and I would wish for knights and dragons,
soft wild manes flying scattered over my face.
But at the soul of my wish would be all the stars,
For you to be with me,
that we’d be tossed far into millions of silent depths
Where we'd lie for Eternities,
Dreaming too many impossible dreams.

copyright 2008 by Amy Samson

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