orgasmic sweet tea will help you #digdeeper

A snippet/teaser from the makers of DIG. It has nuns in it. These nuns aren't scary at all!
(Ha, no. I'm just messing with you. These nuns will haunt your dreams--the first time I saw this snippet I was incredibly nervous. These nuns seem worse than 
The Omen and The Exorcist combined. Whoever decided to put these nuns into the show DIG has a healthy sense for the sinister macabre.)

So, my DIG (on USA!) free PR work continues. But first, true confession: I can be a bit hot headed. To begin, I'd like to apologize to Jason Isaacs for being so hot headed the other night (I don't know if he noticed or not). But I would also like to state that Jason Isaacs is LUCKY there is massive evidence he's a nice man. He's my favorite again, but I'm still not ready to speak to him just yet. It's a long and geeky explanation--it involves a snow(less) day off of school I had, the DIG world premiere in New York City, and Jason's inability to stick to his own stated program: he asked for hard hitting questions they could ask the cast at the DIG world premiere. He specifically asked for this. On his Twitter page. He did not tweet: Hi everyone, tweet me all your easy questions I've been asked in other interviews. He tweeted: Hi everyone, hit us with your hard questions about DIG. Hard questions, not the easy already asked questions. Hard.

Honestly, I really couldn't think of any hard hitting questions when his tweet hit my Twitter feed; my brain is in massive burn out most days of the week. But the next day, I got an unexpected day off which meant some more sleep. Whilst cleaning my kitchen that morning, I thought of a brilliant--a stunning and brilliant--hard hitting question for Jason or any of his cast mates to answer. Seriously, I'm in the wrong job--I should be working for E! News or somebody. So I posted it. I followed the hash tag directions and posted it to him. Then, my smart brain thought of, like, 3 more. And one was a thoughtful yet super fun one that any other normal human being would have read and gone: ta da! Awesome, Amy, thanks for doing all the interviewers' work for them! 

But no. No, Jason Isaacs did not do that. He picked a question I'd already seen/heard him answer in about 5 other interviews and he went with that one. The repercussions for him, from my house in Atlanta, GA were absolutely stupefying. OMG. I was SO mad at him! So mad.

I wasn't mad because I expected any of my questions to be chosen; it was that he'd asked for hard-hitting. If you ask me for hard-hitting, then by god, I will give you what you want and I will serve it to you in stilettos with a Scarlett O'Hara accent on a china plate; a Southern special with a side of barbecue sauce that'll make you drool 'til next week, and a sweet tea that tastes like orgasms you can only dream of. But furthermore and also: I followed that hash tag question thingy all day; I saw some other amazingly astute questions people clearly poured their hearts and soul into as well. I'd see a new one post and go: Oh, high five, DIG on USA fans! You people are smarties! Then the questions started at the world premiere, which we were all invited to watch online as they happened. And what did Jason do? Instead of drinking orgasmic sweet tea, he went out for McDonald's instead.

Jason! Isaacs! So. MAD. at you. I think I even said some British swears in your direction, so you'd really understand me.

At any rate, my hot headed self got her panties in a wad, went back and deleted all her questions. Basically what I'm saying is: I'm sorry, I over-reacted, please don't feel bad, Jason--I've done the SAME thing to family members on Facebook...ask them about it; they'll tell you the stories with a lot of drippingly sarcastic, hard eye rolling. (If Jason and I actually knew each other for real in real life, I would have deleted the Facebook posts, then refused to answer his phone calls or return his emails and texts, for at least 3 days. Later, after I was taking his calls/emails again and we'd made up, if ever the incident came up, I'd become incredibly smart-alecky with him. Two years after the fact, even.)

I don't know if you can tell or not: histrionic drama queen is a genetic marker in my family. Mother's side. (Father's side has combative arguers with addictive personality issues.) I don't have proof, but I may have Sicilian in my genetic pool somewhere. Or Israeli--I have a friend who says Israelis are very hot headed, too. And my last name indicates I may have Biblical connections so...

He's forgiven. I like him too much. He's one of my storyteller heroes, and it's hard for me to stay mad at a talented, nice guy storyteller hero beyond 48 hours. (However, if he really wants to make it up to me, he can get me into Sundance 2016.)

Okay.  Onto DIG (on USA!).

You guys! Oh my GOD! You guys! Do you understand that it's less than a week away? I'm not even kidding! Five! Five days away! Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then Thursday night is THE night! 10 PM (EST) on USA Network!

In the meantime, do you even know what cool, awesome things you can do while you wait? You could download the DIG decoder app--when you point it at posters and pictures you see around town, you might have a cool hologram of Jason Isaacs pop up at you, just like Princess Leia in Star Wars except he's a dude. And you can win cool prizes on the app, I've read, but I don't know what the cool prizes are.(I confess: I can't get the app to work properly on my phone. I bet this is because I have an Android and not an iPhone.) (But guess what, iPhone freaks, guess what? I'm ALSO not always having to run out every 6 months to stand in over-crowded Apple stores every time Apple tells me I need to drop $900 on their newest gadget.)

What I've become slightly addicted to (having an addictive personality, this would happen, naturally) is the Dig Decoded game. (digdecoded.com). If you like solving puzzles, this is for you. If you like linguistics, solving codes, and ancient archeological historical facts, then seriously, go do this game. It will be your JAM. The best part? Big, exotic prizes, like a trip to somewhere amazing and ancient. Y'all! This is like Candy Crush Saga, but with actual, tangible prizes! Unlock each level and get closer to an actual PRIZE. All you get with Candy Crush Saga is a lot of swearing, staying up late, and everyone who loves you plotting to get you on A&E's show Intervention. (I don't play Candy Crush Saga, but I know people who do...I know someone who plays TWO Candy Crush Sagas--one on her phone, one on her husband's. AT THE SAME TIME. That's a cry for help, in a Tetris matrix hell.)

Anyway, I started the game sort of very casually, and 60 minutes later was all: Damn you, USA Network! I don't have time or room for another addiction! I've got things to DO.

(sigh.) This is just diabolical. This is going to be just like SERIAL, I can just feel it. Somebody else is going to be on a plane to Israel or Croatia at the end, and I'm going to be consoled with a t-shirt or something. But it's fine. It's FINE! Jason Isaacs is going to get me into Sundance 2016.

So, let's see...did I cover everything I wanted to? (I have a list with me--mad at Jason Isaacs, now I like him again because it's too hard not to like him plus he can't help it since he's a man and they do a lot of stupid things (I'm sorry, boys, but you do--it's the Y chromosome, which I suspect is a defective X chromosome), Dig app, and the Dig Decoded game which I'm already addicted to and I can tell it's going to be a problem.

But MOST important, on Thursday? You are going to be SO sad on Friday if you don't watch DIG (on USA!) at 10/9 Central. Because you will  miss espionage, intrigue, history, blood, red cows, crazy religious fanatics (my personal favorites), and naked people having sex (which is, in my opinion, the preferred way to do it). Apparently, this show has EVERYthing. And it was filmed on location in Jerusalem, Croatia, and New Mexico. The only thing they messed up on was not finding a way to fit Atlanta into the story line. But the important thing is you will miss out if you don't watch. I bet there's going to be code words throughout each episode, and if you don't watch, everyone's going to be speaking code around you and you won't know! You won't even know.

Here. Go watch this--it's the official music video trailer for the show. It features the song I'D LIKE TO CHANGE THE WORLD by British band Ten Years After. Except a talented lady named Jetta is doing the updated version of this. Still, how did the DIG creators know?! How did they KNOW I dig 60's/70's music AND British rock bands?! Whoever's scoring this show might be my soul mate. (No, seriously. I'm actually being serious: do you want to meet for drinks?) 

DIG (on USA)Go watch this--if you remain uninterested, there's clearly something very wrong with you and I'm sorry, we can't be friends:

Holy cow (literally)! Isn't that a great song? And it fits so well with everything I've heard about the premise of the show. Now. If they stick a couple of Barry Manilow songs into an episode or two, I'll KNOW whoever's scoring this show is my soul mate and we should run away to Fiji together and swim naked in the Pacific and eat crab legs on the beach. (But only after DIG's last episode, okay? Someone told me the final show will blow your mind.)

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