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Well, it's November 1. Three things about today: 

1. It's the month of being grateful. Noting your blessings is important, and so I think every time I come here (in November), I'll start off with one thing I'm grateful for. For example, today? I am grateful for family and friends. I have a great support network of people I can turn to and be all weird around and because they're weird, too, they totally get me. And they make me laugh. And they're really sarcastic. Like, we can make the most gallows humor, hysterical jokes out of some of the most unfunny things. I love people like this. Thank God for them.

2. It's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month - 50,000 words in a month). I will not even remotely be attempting it this year. Last year I wrote 5,000 words and Life exploded (as it usually does) and I drifted away from it, just like the adult-onset ADD victim I am. So how about this. How about I write 1 short story by Nov. 30, and send it somewhere or to several somewheres. That I can do. Thinking about writing 50,000 words in 30 days makes me want to crawl under my bed covers and never ever come out. (Thinking about writing 10,000 words in 30 days does the same thing. So this will be a very SHORT short story.)

3. I have another writing challenge, from my 30 (or more) Days of Writing Challenge. Here it is:

My Favorite Color and Why:

I actually have two - blue and green. Did you know that most people pick blue or green as their favorite color? And did you know that the reason they do this is because the colors blue and green remind most people of summertime, when most happy memories are made? (Blue reminds people of blue summer skies and water, and green makes them think of summer leaves and mown grass.)  I also like the color purple (both color and movie version). Purple is the color of mysticism. Purple is magic and wisdom and mystery. 

There's an old pop psychology quiz you can play with people (and I usually do, when I want a clue into their psyches) to learn more about what makes them tick. It goes like this (and if you want to get to know yourself better, get some paper, answer the questions, and then scroll down to see what your responses mean):

Choose a color, the first color that comes to mind.
Once you have that color, list three descriptive adjectives that describe it.

Choose an animal, the first animal that comes to mind.
Once you have selected an animal, list three descriptive adjectives that describes it.

Choose a body of water like a river, ocean, sea, or lake. (IE Niagra Falls, Mississippi River, etc.)
Once you have chosen a body of water, list three descriptive adjectives that describe it.

Let's say you are in a white room with no windows nor doors, list three emotions that you are feeling.
DOOOON'T LOOK!! (Are you looking?? I bet you're looking.)

So here's what your answers mean: 
1. Color - how you see you want others to see you
2. Animal - how others actually see you
3. Body of water - what you're like in bed
4. White room - your feelings about death

When I originally took this, my answers went like this:

1. Red - hot, passionate, exciting
2. Dolphin - cute, smart, friendly
3. Lake - deep, mysterious, lovely
4. calm, peaceful, claustrophobic 

Today, 23 years later? I'd give the exact same responses, except for color. I'm going to ruminate on why that is. Why did I change my favorite color? And why do I now have 2 favorites and a spare? (I've actually been doing this a lot lately, ruminating on why things are. Why not add some color to it?)

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