brain things.

Part 1: probably. Part 2: Yup.
Today, just things in my brain I'm spewing out. 

Tomorrow, I'll be here with my silly comments about DIG, episode 4. (I'm not a real television critic/reviewer. You DO know I'm just writing these for my own amusement? I'm getting a lot of hits on my blog for my DIG--on USA!--entries, and I just feel I need to make that disclaimer. THIS IS JUST FOR FUN.) (But seriously--I started promoting this show out of a promise I made to Jason Isaacs who is completely unaware of my existence [maybe not on Thursday nights], and NOW I'm intrigued with the storyline/writing...Kick. Ass. storyline and writing. I would like to shine these people's shoes while they write, so I can observe and learn from them.) 

Oh, and! I'm still researching the Temple Mount, the ark of the covenant (NOT Noah's), and that breast plate (did you know you can get your own on etsy.com? True--it'll be smaller, so I think you'll have to shout for God to hear you, but there you go). 

Brain thing 1: 

Life is full of forks in the road. I am a horrible decision-maker. It is always hard for me to decide Left or Right. Out of fear, I usually go Right. About 5-10 years after I make the turn, I smack myself for not choosing Left. And the reason I smack myself for not turning Left, is always because I chose to turn Right due to fear. 

Secret about Amy: I regret nothing...unless I made a choice out of fear. (I have lots of those kinds of regrets.) (I'd detail them for you here, but I know you probably have things to do today.)

Brain Thing 2:

I have a hard time with stick-to-itingness. (In addition, I like to make up words that make people cock their heads like a confused puppy.) I feel I have a deep streak of commitment phobe in me. But when I DO commit, and I DO produce, and I DO come through...omg, Internet, it's a beautiful thing. 

What I'm saying is: I'm going to start something. Actually two somethings. No, wait! Actually three somethings. But I'm not going to tell you what they are yet. Because I like to be coy, and also I'm worried that if I do say them out loud, my commitment phobe will come out and fuck it up.

Brain Thing 3:

I can't remember what my other Brain Thing 3 was!! That's how my brain is working these days. I get good blog entry ideas, forget to jot them down in my notebook (I have an IDEAS notebook in my purse), and then I get here and...nuthin'. 

But if I remember, I'll come back later today and write a second Saturday blog post.

I hope your Saturday is full of amazing amazingness. (Mine will be full of silly, tough little girls trying to kick pink soccer balls.)

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