DIG (on USA!) thoughts: episode 3.

You know what's super nice about DIG (on USA!)? Besides Jason Isaacs' prolific live tweets? Ori Pfeffer. Ori Pfeffer has retweeted me two times, and I didn't even ask or expect him to; I just am happy I know of his existence in the world now, because I think he's a talent. The first time I got all excited and jumped up and down in the bathroom at work. The second time, I just quietly blessed Ori and thought: That Ori Pfeffer! He's SO nice.

Also, Jason Isaacs came up with a new term for watchers of DIG: digglers. Which, at first, I thought: oh, that's kind of cute, and plus it rhymes with "gigglers." Fun! But then I kept feeling like something was kind of off, and so I googled "diggler." And sure enough: Marky Mark's version of 80's porn star Dirk Diggler popped up. And we can't have THAT! This is a serious, edge of your seat, thrillermysterymurderadventureconspiracy story. No fluffers in sight (as of yet). 

So Jason has to go back to "diggers." I hope he's not too annoyed with me. I mean, there ARE other options: DIGologists, D-peeps, DIG-atics, The Notorious DIG-ers. But those use up too many of Twitter's 140 characters. So we can go back to "diggers." I'm just not going to use it often in reference to myself. But you guys have fun!

Things you missed, if you aren't watching DIG and didn't see last week's episode: 

1. Our friendship. (CANCELED! I think you know why.)

2. A really hot wrestling scene between Jason Isaacs and Ori Pfeffer.

3. A really, really sad and beautiful scene in which Jason Isaacs reveals he can access deep psychic pain like nobody's business. (You know what this scene reminded me of? A scene from AWAKE, this amazingly brilliant show Jason was in a couple of years ago and you can watch the whole thing on Netflix as soon as you're done reading this--the scene when his character thinks his son is the one who died. It was possibly the best bit of psychic pain acting I've ever witnessed. OMG, he was sobbing on the floor, I was sobbing on my couch. My husband walked in the room and went: "What's wrong with you??" And I pointed at the screen and could barely get out: "His son! His son DIED!" Then my husband laughed, and I didn't speak to him for the rest of the night--His. Son. DIED. How dare you.) 

This scene was dark and beautiful and sad, and I almost want to say it MAY do that thing that really well written novels and short stories sometimes do--kind of wraps up the whole point of the story in one sentence or paragraph. I will keep watching to find out. 

Fine writing, fine acting. You, too, Anne Heche--you didn't say a word, but I saw so much on your face as Peter walked out the door.

4. EVERYBODY'S involved with that crazy New Mexico cult. Except for Peter. And his Israeli detective frenemy (so far). And his boss he's sleeping with (so far). 

Richard E. Grant's archaeologist? He's involved. The amabassador? She's involved. The creepy Rabbi (who was in the first episode, when the red cow was born)? He's involved. The United States senator, some really rich guys, probably Snoop Dog and your mama too--everybody's involved. 

And this group of lunatic religious mafia is all ticked off because they thought they had the last stone for that breast plate/direct line to God, and even made Khalid go and kill someone (except God forgave him on account it was for a holy cause...only you can tell: Khalid HATES this part of his job), and then the stone he stole wasn't even real. 

So NOW they have to start all over.

Oh, and! Regina Taylor--superb actress. She has got that "don't fuck with me!" evil look down to a science. You also don't want her looking at you, calculating and assessing you. So creepy. Well done, Regina. 

This show has powerhouse talented people in it.

5. Josh 2.0 was allowed to leave the compound for a milkshake. Josh 1.0 tried to do that on his own, but he got gunned down for it. And it was revealed that Debbie, the Josh minder, is an ex-addict, who somehow ended up in this cult taking care of the kid/s who (I think) is being groomed to be the Messiah, but is clearly going to be the anti-Christ. (I wish Josh  #1 hadn't gotten smoked. He seemed like a nicer anti-Christ. This Josh seems like a programmed droid. If planet Earth is going to have an anti-Christ, I guess I'd prefer an actual human anti-Christ.)

At any rate, Debbie is a cautionary tale, drug addicts: cocaine is a hell of a drug. You'll end up babysitting the anti-Christ. Just say no.

6. Peter's a fucking mess. An emotional mess of a human being. (Let's hang out, Peter! We can compare notes over margaritas.)

Other thoughts on Episode 3, "The Rosenbergs." (And thank goodness--it was not a reference to the Rosenbergs who got executed in the 1940s for being communist spies....but maybe that's coming later. You guys! EVERYBODY'S involved!):

*I still keep thinking something paranormal is coming. God's going to have to smite somebody in a cosmic fit of rage, or it's going to be revealed that these phone calls Peter keeps making to his estranged wife is to his dead estranged wife's ghost (have you seen THE OTHERS? It could totally be possible). 

*Jason said, on Twitter, the color red could be a red herring. But I do not believe you, Jason. I do not believe you, nor do I trust you. First off, you refuse to tell us what the big secrets are. Second, I think the color red is significant, and not just the production designer's favorite color. It keeps popping up.

*The number 19 matters. (This is the part of the Bible about the red heifer being sacrificed--it's all about the heifer. And the stones.) I think also the number 7, because Peter's hotel room is #7, and the tunnel Emma took him into was also #7.

*I bet the peace sign and the DIG key symbol are connected, somehow. But I have no proof yet.

And that's all I got for this one.

I'm going to do some research on the Temple Mount. I've already started--it's fairly fascinating. I'm going to be slightly miffed if the Essenes aren't brought back in. I'm not kidding, Tim Kring and Gideon Raff--I spent 3 hours one weekend combing through the Internet for all that information and 2 hours putting it all together in writing.

Now I'm going to do it for the breast plate, the ark of the covenant and the Temple Mount. IT'S A PROJECT!!! (My inner geek is in orgasmic spasms of joy right now, I don't know if you can tell or not.)

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