Update (1:00 AM, March 6, DIG De-brief Day):  

1. It. Was. Stunning. 

2. I mean it. If you didn't watch this show, you missed out. 

3. Jason Isaacs acknowledged me. He knows my name! THIS MEANS WE'RE GOING TO HAVE DINNER TOGETHER SOME DAY. (or, you know, i'll hand him a Starbucks on set and be asked to move out of the way.) 

4. THERE COULD BE PARANORMAL ASPECTS TO THIS SHOW. That was my question I asked, that Jason Isaacs answered with a non-answer. 

5. I need to go to Israel. 

I'm going to bed. This was THE best day of 2015. Second ONLY to when Neil Gaiman acknowledged me on Twitter.

Seriously. If I could get Jason Isaacs and Neil Gaiman together in a room with me, I would be in severe meltdown. The fact that they have both now acknowledged me on that social media platform tells me I'm winning Twitter. (At least on New Year's Eve and March 5.)

All righty then. So your DIG De-brief Day is March 8. If you haven't seen DIG, episode 1, yet (and if you haven't, what the hell?! Have you NOT been paying attention??), get busy--this blog goes spoilertastic in about 48 hours.

Update (less than an HOUR!): Dig (on USA!) tweeted me a mysterious picture with my name on it! (I'm such an effing geek right now. Can you feel the geekiness coming through the Internet, through your computer screen? 

If only I'd used the avatar picture with the GOOD lighting. 

Is your popcorn popped? Do you have a notebook and pen in hand, so you can take copious notes about all the crazy stuff you're about to see? So you can be THE DIG (on USA!) expert tomorrow? How obnoxious have I been? (Only if you follow me on Twitter.)

Jason & Friends will be live tweeting the premiere (I'm assuming the 10 PM one, because they're re-airing it until like 3 AM or something). I don't know why Jason & Friends have been told to live tweet, because this seems like serious stuff people need to concentrate on. Also it's fast-paced action adventure--I hope they're fast typers.

If you'd like to follow along with the live tweet, you can follow Jason's twitter (@jasonsfolly) and/or the hashtag #DigDeeper or #DIGonUSA. That's what I'll be following, at least, and I think the #digdeeper tag is the preferred tag.) Jason just announced he's doing a live Reddit AMA with show creator and super smart guy Gideon Raff --it's going on right now. Or it's already over. Or it's almost over. I don't know. Twitter and the Internet are too fast for me, and my brain is already hurting. I AM nursing a cold, you know.

Edit (9PM...ONE MORE HOUR!!): If you're a storyteller and have a chance, I do highly recommend you go read the AMA Reddit I linked to. Gideon Raff is superb, and superbly sweet in this, to all the budding storyteller/writers out there. (Jason is lovely and quite amusing, too. And he did his swanky British spelling! in several places.) 

Listen--Jason Isaacs. Super human. If his tweets are to be believed, he's operating on 2 hours of sleep, and he's been going non-stop since, like, 6 AM or something. He's been on the TODAY Show. He's been to some offices somewhere in Manhattan where people keep taking pictures of him. He's been to the New York Stock Exchange. He's been on Twitter, tweeting ALL DAY LONG. (This is almost unprecedented for Jason. Jason, there are people out there who are going to go into serious Jason Isaacs tweet withdrawal when this is over.) (I myself will miss your silly sense of humor.) But mostly I am thinking: Jason, have you eaten? At least tried to take a nap? Had some private, meditative alone time away from the madness? The mother in me would like to know. And stay away from those stock exchange people--have you not seen The Wolf of Wall Street??

God bless him. I hope he goes straight to bed after the live tweeting is done. And then takes a very long holiday with his sweet family somewhere tropical and lush.

As for me, I did not pop popcorn. I'm sorry; I know I've been telling all of you to do this since, like, two days ago. As early as this morning if you're on my twitter feed. But! I do have wine. Except not in celebration of Dig (on USA!), but because it has been a DAY, y'all. I'm going to go have Miss M brush her little angry, indignant teeth, and then I'm settling in for the night with my wine, my laptop, my television tuned into USA Network, and my inner PR person ready to go.

Thank god for a good bedtime story to end this weird day on a good note.

Here's a really cool interview you can read on Variety magazine while you wait for DIG (on USA!) to start:
DIG is actually not really like The Da Vinci Code at all. (and thank god! thank god for it.)

And if you're not into reading tonight, you can watch this:

And I apologize. I really meant to create a quiz based on all the interviews and videos I posted last time, but I was at work doing parent conferences and creating Word Study quizzes until 5:30 tonight, and this gal's teacher brain is officially toast.

But I'm not kidding! Watch DIG (on USA!) tonight (at 10, 9 central) because this weekend there really WILL be a quiz. And if you flunk it, I mean it: we can't be friends.

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