dig (on usa!) thoughts: ep 2

<--These are things I'm researching in my quest to (a) make the connections in this story before episode 10 airs, and (b) good, hard evidence of how weird I truly am. I'm taking NOTES, friends. On a television show. That I didn't write, produce, act in, do the costumes for, location scout, etc. Send help.

(To be fair to me, I do this with most everything. Things to tend to...jumble...in my brain, and writing it down keeps it all straight. When researching a story I'm writing, I do this--either in a notebook or on index cards.)

So, if you're watching DIG (on USA!) (and you should be, because if you aren't, then we can't ever meet for drinks, go out for dinner, etc and so forth, ever again), then more of the story is being revealed and a couple of dots (at least a couple) were connected. 

Things revealed in Episode #2:

*Peter went to seminary school and he taught semiotics (I forgot to add this to my notes--rectifying right now.........okay, done!)

*Khalid (who may or may not be a bad guy) may have known Emma. Or may have murdered Emma. Or may have just been trying to meet her in the market to get the red stone from her.

*Peter's daughter committed suicide.

*The ambassador lady is in cahoots with Tad Billingham (the New Mexican cult leader) who's in cahoots with some senator, and Khalid is in cahoots with the ambassador, the senator, and Tad B. 

*Essenes are dangerous. Maybe.

*Little cloned kids are creepy. And they will kill baby cows at bar mitzvahs. (what? did you not do that at your bar/bat mitzvah? clearly your mom and dad cheaped out on you.) 

Things I learned from prolific Mr. Jason Isaacs via Twitter last Thursday:

Not a whole lot. (Jason and friends are just live tweeting each episode, I think, to mess with the show's watchers. Also, they're calling fans of the show "diggers," but I am sorry. I am sorry, Jason and friends, I cannot, will not, call myself a "digger." It evokes too many images of nose and butt picking and I am far too dignified.)

But I do want to apologize for my PETA comment to Jason--after the ritualistic sacrifice of the baby cow scene, I made a joke about PETA coming after the people of DIG (on USA!), and I think Jason saw it and felt compelled to do damage control, making sure everyone knows that creator/show runner Gideon Raff is a committed vegan who bought the baby cow. And now that baby cow is lovin' life, somewhere fabulous. Which just makes me really heart Gideon Raff even more. 

Also, after watching the ritual sacrifice at the bar mitzvah (in which Jesus' name was praised...what the hell kind of cult IS this??), I may be off cow meat for awhile. And I don't eat baby animals of any kind--calf, lamb, little baby fishies in their eggs still, or little chickens--and so. Yes, this scene just confirmed for me that I am right in that lifestyle choice.

Okay...so! Moving on. Here are things I'm thinking about the show DIG (on USA!) now:

The color RED. This seems imperative. It is woven throughout--Emma's hair color, Peter's dead daughter's hair color, Debbie (the creepy kid cult minder) has red hair. The red heifer. The red stone. As Peter has to push through yet another crowd of religious fanatics--this time nuns--their crucifixes flash and turn red. (You missed that if you weren't paying attention...I have to DVR it and watch the show two times because Jason insists on tweeting during the actual show and does NOT wait until the commercials.)

Crowds of religious fanatics. (Maybe?)

Essenes--they may be evil. Or they may be trying to stop the cult's crazy ass plans. Or they may just really, really like being hit men. I don't know. I'm still researching them. 

Numbers. 7, 12, and possibly 13 (we talked about this last time).

The breast plate/direct line to God, the stones (and what's inscribed on them).

Tunnels. Tunnels seem important. Mikvahs (ritually cleansing baths) too.

Symbols--if you were paying attention, the key symbol was introduced. The cow is making its way to Croatia now (I'm assuming the Croatia connection will be revealed in episode 3?) via boat, and the key symbol was on a sign at the shipyard. 

The Temple Mount. I still need to research this. (This is the spot everyone's arguing about...prime world religion real estate if you will. And where the Apocalypse will begin. With zombies, maybe, and possibly after a red baby cow is ritually sacrificed here during a really kick ass bar mitzvah.)

Basically, I have a lot of research-y work to do. I don't have a lot of time to do it, though, and I am easily distracted. Also, I am working on my own stories. (How much do you want to bet now my stories will have elements of Essene and the color red and creepy cultists in them? How much do you want to bet.)

It's 2.30 AM and I can't sleep. (I've read that the cause of insomnia is because someone is dreaming about you. Can I pick who's dreaming about me? Because I have a list of people whose dreams I'd like be in...some so we could have grand adventures together, and others so I can haunt their nightmares.) This is what you get at 2.30 AM when Amy's weird brain can't go back to sleep.

Here, go watch this (it has nothing to do with DIG (on USA), but I've watched it 3 times, and each time have had goosepimples and tears...it will you as well (and if it doesn't, there is something terribly wrong with you). I once had an English teacher tell me that if you are ever somewhere and experience goosepimples--while reading a poem, a story, looking at a painting, watching a movie, a play, or even just because of a sunrise/sunset or a baby's laugh--if you experience goosepimples, it means you are in the presence of true Art. 

(Full disclosure: Jason I. tweeted a link to one thing this artist did, and then I had some time before dinner and went and watched some more of her work. And now I am indebted to Jason and will love him forever and ever, simply for making me aware of this gigantic human being's existence in the world):

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