vlog on my blog

Alrighty...I've had enough people come to me to express concern. Sometimes things get lost in translation, or I do a sucky job at really communicating what I'm trying to communicate, or tone of voice is lost. At any rate, I had the thought today: what if I SPOKE? What if...I...used my real face and voice and intonations to reassure everyone, shit's just fine over here? 

I just have been feeling a tad dramatic.

So I'm putting a V-log on my B-log so you can see: just a little bit more bizarre and melodramatic than usual, but I'm actually doing just skippy. 

........not at 5 AM though.

.......or on Monday mornings.

.......or on rainy/gloomy days.

........or at 5 AM on rainy/gloomy Monday mornings. 

But other than that, woo! I got this. Here, watch (oh, and! I read you some poetry, too. You're welcome!):


  1. Its National Poetry Day here in the UK. Everybody is reading their favourite poems. Great timing!

  2. Yay! I like it when timing just works out like that. :)


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